I’M BACK!!!!

Old ladies and computers are dangerous.

I made a (miniscule…..  🙁     ) change to a snippet in The Hroost’s admin page…..and locked myself out.

You all may know that this site was a birthday gift to me from my son, Steve. He did the artwork, the coding…the….everything.

My grief at losing Steve is everlasting…my fear was that I had also lost access to his gift.

I spent days working with GoDaddy, to whom I had been making payments for years for hosting. It took them 3 days to figure out that….um, they don’t host my site…Media Temple does! (which is where Steve hosted all his sites…..)

Cue Robert and Cassie (his brother-in-law and wife) who delved into Steve’s computer and found log-in credentials for MediaTemple.

Five minutes online chat with Andrew U. >>>>fixed. Access recovered.  Tears stopped…..

Refund request to GoDaddy generated…..