God of Growing Old

The choir sang a lovely song on Sunday, “God of Broken Hearts” by Zach Stachowski. It has an alto part which has a legato (slow) verse: “God…..of….broken…..dreams. Help in time of failure. Pick us up from trial and error…”

It has been an earworm ever since….I wake in the middle of the night singing it.
Yesterday was my Monday, and I checked my “stuff” as I got ready to leave the house:
Notebook (brains). Check
Personal phone. Check
Work phone holster. Check
Lunch bag. Check
Keys. Check

Got to work and reached for the glasses on the top of my head….no check.
Fortunately the charge nurse on the medical floor keeps a spare pair of readers….for me…. (this is NOT an infrequent event…..).

As I went through my day, that earworm kept creeping into my brain, but now the lyrics had changed….

God of growing old
Help me find my glasses
I can’t see past my lashes
God of growing old…..