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My God, why have you abandoned me….

In the dream I was driving a convertible down a winding mountain road. On my left, a gaping chasm cut between mountain peaks. As I rounded a curve, I lost control of the car and went through a barrier…over the cliff. In the car with me was my co-worker Elizabeth. I woke, knowing that two people died in that crash. In January of 2014, shortly after that dream, Elizabeth was newly pregnant, and I had Continue reading

Pete’s Feet – A Maundy Thursday Remembrance

“We have to do something about Pete’s feet!”  Don called me at my office early on a Monday morning. Pete, somewhere in his seventies and mute due to multiple strokes, lived on the street, declining most interventions.  He had, however, been befriended by Don and his employees, who made sure Pete had warm clothes, and that he got lunch every day.  Over the weekend, they had noticed that Pete was obviously having discomfort while walking, Continue reading

OMG Meatballs

These are not to be believed: 1 large jar grape jelly (or 2 cans of jellied cranberry sauce) 2 jars chili sauce 1 large bag meatballs   Place in crockpot on low for 6 hours. Bask in the ensuing praise.

Dirty feet

I received a gift during the Easter Vigil last year. The epistle reading was from Romans Chapter 6  verses 3 to 11. One of the verses said “we know that Christ being raised from the dead will never die again, death no longer has dominion over him.” For the 14 months prior to that Easter Vigil I lived in a constant state of dread knowing that my son was going to die before me.  And on Continue reading

God of Growing Old

The choir sang a lovely song on Sunday, “God of Broken Hearts” by Zach Stachowski. It has an alto part which has a legato (slow) verse: “God…..of….broken…..dreams. Help in time of failure. Pick us up from trial and error…” It has been an earworm ever since….I wake in the middle of the night singing it. Yesterday was my Monday, and I checked my “stuff” as I got ready to leave the house: Notebook (brains). Check Continue reading