Saturday Shivers

I gotta stop having these panicked Saturdays!

Last week I was at work when I (and the rest of Hawaii) received a phone alert that a ballistic missile was enroute, and impact was expected within 15 minutes. “This is NOT a DRILL” said the missive. My (and the rest of Hawaii’s) heart rate climbed precipitously and stayed there until the “oops, that was an error” retraction appeared.

A couple of days ago I received an email from Hawaiian Airlines, advising me that I was eligible to “bid up” my seat for some upcoming travel, aiming for first class instead of coach.  This morning I dutifully went to the link, put in a bid and was about to enter it, when I noted it was “1 passenger” (me).  “Odd,” I thought, and logged into HA to view my itinerary.  Only I am booked. Not DH.

We are traveling to see DH’s mom.  Though I love his mom and she loves me, it will be a rather chilly reception in Phoenix if only I arrive and not him!

Heart rate again climbed as I desperately called HA to find out where his reservation was….I distinctly remember booking adjacent seats for all flight segments….why didn’t he appear on the itinerary!?

The (very pleasant) customer service lady at HA reminded me that I had used award miles to book both of our flights, which necessitated separate bookings, and thus different confirmation codes….and his went to HIS email, not mine.

“You are both booked, and I will link these two accounts so it is clear you are traveling together,” she told me.

My heart rate has now recovered nicely, thank you.  I need to go back and revisit that upgrade link!