Just 10 Minutes Left

DH bought me a new keyboard for Christmas. This motivated me to re-organize all my old Fake (music) Books, most of which had come loose in their bindings and were just stacked in piles. In one of them I found a sheet of paper…and on it was a poem, obviously written to me by my son, Steve.

He had recently split from a bad relationship, and had met another….and he was happy with his life.

I don’t remember EVER having seen this poem, and cannot fathom how it came to be stuffed inside an old pile of loose sheet music.

Aside from the fact that Steve was happy with his life and situation, the poem also clearly showed how he was able to read me and my life—which at the time wasn’t so great due to professional and financial pressures.

Needless to say, finding and reading the poem made me both laugh….at his obvious bliss (though, I have to edit and say that his happiness only became complete when he later met and married Cassie), and cry because he is gone…..

Just 10 minutes left…

Just a quick one to pass my own time.
It may help to pass yours, if you read these lines.

Just sitting here at work, as I often do
thinking of life and thinking of you.

You’ve seemed so sad, or so mad, I can’t always tell.
Maybe you’re pissed or just not feeling well.

I wanted to share, I just wanted to say
my life is so good, getting better each day!

Almost dead broke…a few things to my name,
But now life is so good, the past months seem so lame

Cat & I had lots of fun, we shared and we grew together,
But we’ve gone our separate ways and things are so much better.

I could have sat on this and waited for things to not get better,
But then came Amy.  Too soon you say? Too soon to be together?

It’s love at first sight, it was in October.
It’s love at first sight, every day it starts over!

I’ve never been happier that I can recall
I’m thankful each day that I got to fall

In love, are we now.  In love, we will be
A match made in heaven are Amy and me.

That’s about it, there’s nothing more to write
And now the end of my day is in sight.

It’s now five’o’clock and so time to go,
I’ll talk to you soon, and I love you, you know.


In that same pile of sheet music, I found a copy of one of my favorite hymns: “I was there to hear your borning cry” by John Ylvisaker. Finding both the poem and the hymn….who’s refrain is “I was there to hear your borning cry, I’ll be there when you are old. I rejoiced the day you were baptized, to see your life enfold,” was both a new year’s gift…and left me unable to function for the rest of the day….