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Goldring Surgeonfish

Can anything good come from Nazareth?

Pastor Katlin made a poignant comparison today between our Gospel reading and the latest headlines.  Our reading came from the first chapter of John:   Nathanael said to him, “Can anything good come out of Nazareth?” Philip said to him, “Come and see.” This week, it was widely reported that Donald Trump, during a meeting to work out immigration policies at which it was proposed to cut the immigration lottery in half, and have the remaining Continue reading


At Wai’ Opae Tidepools: s/he was about a foot tall when walking across the coral!  


At about 10 feet deep, about 6″ long was this crimson nudibranch (Wai’ Opai Tidepools):


Spanish Dancer Seaslug

This was about 9-12 inches long and 5-6 across.  It “fluttered” when touched

Saturday Shivers

I gotta stop having these panicked Saturdays! Last week I was at work when I (and the rest of Hawaii) received a phone alert that a ballistic missile was enroute, and impact was expected within 15 minutes. “This is NOT a DRILL” said the missive. My (and the rest of Hawaii’s) heart rate climbed precipitously and stayed there until the “oops, that was an error” retraction appeared. A couple of days ago I received an Continue reading

Dinner is served…

At Honokohou National Monument above Kona, Hawaii, there is an old underwater wall, built as part of an ancient fishpond.  The wall has broken down, and as I was swimming thru the breach, I ran into this scene!

You talkin’ to me?


Fly me to the moon!

This was taken at Mauna Kea beach resort, about 40 feet offshore in shallow water.  I have no idea what the white orb is….? a bubble on my lens…..a reflection from the surface?  Just a serendipitous photo op!

They can’t take that away

The patient had a long list of medical problems, and was having another semi-crisis. I was at the bedside, guiding another urgent intervention.  The patient’s cognition had waxed and waned over the course of this stay, and earlier in the day  was clearly delusional. During the rapid-response, however, the patient suddenly became lucid and said “Stop. I’m done.  Jesus is calling me and it’s time for me to go home to God.”  The family concurred, and so we instituted comfort Continue reading

Just 10 Minutes Left

DH bought me a new keyboard for Christmas. This motivated me to re-organize all my old Fake (music) Books, most of which had come loose in their bindings and were just stacked in piles. In one of them I found a sheet of paper…and on it was a poem, obviously written to me by my son, Steve. He had recently split from a bad relationship, and had met another….and he was happy with his life. Continue reading