Block The Sun (Run)


My son Steve died April 3, 2017. He had found a suspicious mole 7 years earlier and had had it removed. It was melanoma. All lymph nodes and other tests for evidence of spread were negative. Six years later, it recurred as metatases in his brain, lungs, spine and neck.

Treatments failed, and he succumbed to a complication of his treatment.

Melanoma is the deadliest of skin cancers, and all it takes is one cell…..traveling from the original site….to spread throughout the body. There are now treatments which have extended life, and in some cases, effected long term remission of melanoma. The gold standard of melanoma management however, is PREVENTION!

Many of you know that Steve was a graphic artist. He had planned on coming to Hawaii in October to both celebrate his birthday, and to help me coordinate a fun run/walk for melanoma awareness, and he had designed the medal that was to be given.

Though Steve didn’t live long enough to be here for the event, I will be participating in an AIM for the CURE Melanoma Walk & Fun Run to increase awareness about prevention and support research for the CURE.

Would you join me?  You can donate via my (or any other participant’s name). OR, you could virtually run with us…..sign up at the website below and choose “virtual” on step 3.  OR, you could come to Hawaii and run with us!

I’m taking on this challenge to do something big that will raise awareness and help in finding the CURE.