I’m mad as hell (part 3)

DH lusted for a Corvette Stingray.  From the time we met (in 1974), he would ask at every birthday, Christmas, anniversary, Valentine’s Day….”Did you get me my Vette?”  When Autie died and left him a sizeable legacy, he made his dream come true, and bought the 2015 orange Vette in the featured pic.

There is NO Chevy service department on Big Island, but he was assured that the local Toyota dealership was contracted to do service and maintenance.  At his first oil change, Big Island Toyota OVERFILLED his oil tank because they used specs for the wrong engine size. Duh.

Now, just over a year since he got it, there is a problem with the gas tank sensor.  The result?  His gas gauge reads empty.  Always…..even after a fill. He spent extensive time on the Stingray boards and determined that this is a common problem, but requires dropping the tank and replacing the bad sensor.

DH is NOT a mechanic, and this car is “under warranty.” He went to Toyota (remember?….the dealership contracted to provide service?) and was told “we are not certified to work on Corvette engines. Even doing your oil change is a problem (as they clearly demonstrated…..) because we don’t have a lift wide enough for it.”

So, DH called JN Chevy on Oahu where he bought the car.  The service manager told him to ship it over and they would fix it.  Interisland shipping would be $800-$1000. OR, he could research and “find a local mechanic to fix it and then they would SEE IF they could get him reimbursed.”

Next step was to call Hawaii Chevy customer service and speak to Matt (“oh, we’re not allowed to give you our last names.”  Three days later Matt, having um…extensively researched the problem….said the same thing, then proceded to read the Yellow Pages mechanic listings to DH.  (not to mention than he wouldn’t let DH talk, but continually interrupted and spoke over him). So DH, not knowing any mechanics, and certainly not knowing any who might be certified to work on Corvettes, is supposed to blindly call all the local mechanics, ask if they might help.  I can hear the conversation already:  “well, bring it down and we’ll look at it…..”

….and then SEE IF Chevy would reimburse him for the work….which is “under warranty.”

Here is a $90,000+ car, bought new with cash, still under warranty, with a problem that is well known and well documented. And  @GMCustomerSvc Chevrolet refuses to deal with it.