Is That a Chicken Joke? (part 2)

When I turned onto our rural road yesterday, I noted a chicken sitting in the middle of the road.    She watched me drive by her. She did not move at all. I gave her wide berth, driving around her, while I wondered if she were ill or injured.  I pulled off to the side, parked, and walked back toward her.  If she were injured, I planned to take her home and place her in my “broody” chicken hutch till she could recover.

As I approached, however, she stood….and I saw underneath at least 8 pairs of little legs (the chicks looked to be just a couple days old)….and she and her brood scurried off the road to the grass on the edge.

So why did the chicken NOT cross (and instead just lay in the middle of….) the road?  We have had several days of cool, rainy weather. I’m thinking the asphalt road had absorbed the day’s heat, and she found it a warmer hutch than the cool, wet grass nearby.

MOV_5538 from c h on Vimeo.