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Yellowtail Coris

Adult: Juvenile:

Bird Wrasse

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Milletseed Butterflyfish

Porcupine Fish

Bluefin Trevally

Whitemouth moray, bluefin trevally and peacock grouper

Elegant coris


Apparently, the “new girl” is part of the family: Lily and Ewalani spoon during a nap…..  

Metal Ships….on the water….

Today, while driving home along the Hamakua coast, I noted some military looking ships heading north. On arriving home, they were just passing by. We don’t have a naval base on this island, and so seeing these three ships passing by was…..unusual.

Is That a Chicken Joke? (part 2)

When I turned onto our rural road yesterday, I noted a chicken sitting in the middle of the road.    She watched me drive by her. She did not move at all. I gave her wide berth, driving around her, while I wondered if she were ill or injured.  I pulled off to the side, parked, and walked back toward her.  If she were injured, I planned to take her home and place her in my Continue reading