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I’ve seen lots of these little fellas, but never one with this color configuration: blackspotted body with white dorsum with a patch of black dots. Seen at Richardson Beach, 3/30/15


My, what big teeth you have!

Bluestripe Snapper

Blacktail Snapper

Flowery Flounder

…yep, that is their official name! Choir buddy Erin joined us for snorkeling at Kapoho Tidepools yesterday. As we finished our 2nd swim of the day, she pointed out this girl (more later…) who was fluttering along the egde of the rocks where we entered and left the water. Why a girl? because her eyes are only 1 eyeball-width apart. Male eyeballs are much further apart. PICT0232 from c h on Vimeo.

Saddleback Butterfly

Bones heal…

blood clots… sweat dries Suck it up.. Be a Marine!

(the whale waves….) HELLO!

DH and I signed up for a fund-raising whale-watching tour. It was originally planned for Valentine’s day….but weather intervened, and it was rescheduled to yesterday. Ocean Sport’s catamaran “Aloha” took us out of Kawaiihai harbor on the west side of the island. We were barely out of port when the first (of MANY) whales was spotted. The water was flat and calm and the weather cool-perfect conditions! A few pics and videos: Two whale tails: Continue reading

Half Moon

The official “first” photo taken through a cell phone by DH on his new Orian Dobsonian 12″ telescope..notice in the lower left, you can see the shadows of the hill on the edge of the crater