The best laid plans…

….get screwed up.

I planned to go to the Valentine’s day 5k in Hilo, but was waylaid by an empty gas tank. As I filled it from the lawmower stash, I gazed at the sky…..the sunrise was AMAZING! The current high winds made incredible cloud formations:

I scheduled a whale-watching sunset cruise as a surprise for DH for Valentine’s day. It was a fund raiser for Habitat for Humanity….2 hours with heavy Pupu, 2 drinks per person and whalewatching on the Kona coast.

We started off at noon from home…giving us plenty of time to get to the Kona coast for the 4pm cruise. Except that high winds downed a tree…..and the nearby electric lines….in Waimea, so we got caught in a massive traffic jam.

No worries…we left in plenty of time!
We stopped in Waimea to buy him a waterproof windbreaker, as his old one was fubar. There is really only one store in Waimea……it wasn’t cheap.

Continuing on our way, we arrived at Kawaiihai harbor with 2 hours to spare. A quick check of the email, though, brought news that the cruise had been cancelled due to the high winds and rough seas.

So, we did something we have NEVER, in 38+ years of marriage, done. We went to a restaurant. On VALENTINE’S DAY!!! The line for seating…in the mid afternoon….was an hour long. BUT, I spotted 2 open seats at the bar….and we snagged ’em.

One very pleasant lunch later, we meandered up the Kohala coast and stopped at some of the seaside cliffs, watching for whales. No breaches, but a few spouts and one “back” later, we started back home.

We took the saddle road through the middle of the island just in case the downed tree and wires were still causing traffic problems in Waimea. The cloud formations again were nothing short of incredible…due to the high winds.

We stopped at Walmart for chicken feed, and we gazed another amazing sky….this time the sunset, again rendered astouding by the high winds:
Though the day did not go as planned….there was morning. And there was evening….and it was good1