I laughed out loud…

…and nearly ran off the road. A man was running along the side of the road, his BIG, floppy, fluffy dog on leash alongside…it looked like an untrimmed standard poodle.

The dog’s cadence was….funny (as in weird-funny). I run 20 miles a week with two dogs in tow on a tandem leash. They have learned to run at my speed and adjust to my cadence, so I could see that this dog was not “a runner.”

Suddenly, the dog stopped. He just turned around and flopped down in the grass….jerking his running partner’s arm and nearly toppling him over.

I could almost see the cartoon “speech” bubble above the dog’s head: “Ok, I’m done now. I’ll just rest here in the cool grass!”

I’m glad my two dogs weren’t there to see it….don’t want them to get ideas!