I have decided…

….to let God do the leading!
On Wednesday the choir rehearsed the hymns for this past Sunday. The recessional hymn was “I have decided to follow Jesus.”

I was….disgruntled. “This is theologically flawed! We have no business singing this song here in a church where we believe we are saved by the grace of God, NOT by the decisions we make!” I was quite vocal…but Father Moki had chosen the song…so the song we would sing.

Sunday came, and the service began. The sermon was based on the old testament reading of the calling of Samuel. “Here I am, Lord, for you called me….” and near the end of the service, Father Moki announced that a couple was visiting, having caught a taxi from the cruise ship to get to church, and would anyone be willing to drive them back to the ship? The man of the couple raised his and and asked if he could say one thing…..

“We got into the taxi and asked the driver to take us to the nearest Baptist church. He said he would take us to the ‘community church’….and here we are!”

It must have been quite a shock to them: a “high” church service with sung/chanted liturgy, a robed priest and acolytes, genuflecting parishoners, but Father Moki referenced the sermon text….”Here I am, Lord, for you called me” and welcomed the visitors, as well as any visiting Methodists, Lutherans, Catholics or ….whatevers….who had “decided” to follow Jesus!

And then we all joyfully sang the final hymn!