And Chicken Little said….


Well, that was my interpretation of the squawks anyway. Every day the 7 chickens get a treat of shredded carrot or lettuce (scraps from dinner the night before….) on a recycled white paper plate. Everyday they meet me at the door to their coop, anticipating, and some of them leaping nearly into my arms to get at the treat.

Today I cooked my egg, toasted my toast, and reached into the cupboard for a paper plate to put them on. The first one my hand touched was a red one left from Christmas…..”Feliz Navidad!” it proclaimed. I finished my breakfast, then prepared the chicken goodies.

I ground the carrot, added some lettuce, put them on the red plate and took it to the coop.
The chickens did NOT leap into my arms. They did NOT swarm around the plate. In fact, when I set it down, they all backed away, making very unhappy squawking noises. Occasionally one would approach it cautiously, but er….chicken out….and run to a far corner.

I went and got a white plate, transferred the scraps to it…..and they all came to it and immediately happily pecked at all the treats till they disappeared.

Chickens don’t like red. I nevah know!