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And Chicken Little said….

RED!! RED!!! EVERYBODY RUN!!!! Well, that was my interpretation of the squawks anyway. Every day the 7 chickens get a treat of shredded carrot or lettuce (scraps from dinner the night before….) on a recycled white paper plate. Everyday they meet me at the door to their coop, anticipating, and some of them leaping nearly into my arms to get at the treat. Today I cooked my egg, toasted my toast, and reached into the Continue reading

I have decided…

….to let God do the leading! On Wednesday the choir rehearsed the hymns for this past Sunday. The recessional hymn was “I have decided to follow Jesus.” I was….disgruntled. “This is theologically flawed! We have no business singing this song here in a church where we believe we are saved by the grace of God, NOT by the decisions we make!” I was quite vocal…but Father Moki had chosen the song…so the song we would Continue reading

What did this man do?

Our former Pastor Jim and his wife Irene were visting the big Island, and we joined them for lunch. We chatted about the “old times” and they talked about his health problems, many of which started after they moved to Virginia to follow her job. “What do you think the link between all my health problems and moving to Virginia were?” he asked. I thought my answer (to the ordained Lutheran minister) was quite inspired: Continue reading

It was either a brilliant move….

….or one of the stupidest things I have ever done. On Sunday a small Boston Terrier ran in front of my car as we drove to church. I slammed on the brakes….and hit the dog. The large pickup behind me….hit us. Fortunately no one in either car was seriously injured, and the dog up and ran away. The truck driver and I looked things over, decided that neither of us were interested in “doing anything,” Continue reading