This is a public service announcement….

Disconnect the battery. Wait 15 minutes. Reconnect the battery. That is all.

The backstory: It is that time of the year when it is dark when I leave for work, and light by the time I get there. Headlights turned on to start off to work…..and today, forgotten about when I arrived. I got out of work at 5pm, went to my car and….uh-oh….noted the lights were on. The car started with just a bit of rhuurrrrhurrr…..but I couldn’t get it out of park. I rolled the windows down just a bit to get some air while I thought about this….and they wouldn’t roll up. The blinkers did not work. The dashboard display was incomplete. The windshield wipers did not work.

I was pissed. I had great plans of a 5 mile run after work…..and that was now pfftt…..

The owners manual did explain how to “bypass” the shift lock. With the help of a stiff barrette edge, I was able to open the little slot, press the button and slip the gear into reverse. But all the other stuff…still didn’t work.

I started home after calling and begging DH to drive toward me to help in case I got into trouble….like from the afternoon Hilo rain deluge that hit just as I started out…with no wipers.

We got home safely, and Google did it’s work: others who own Hyundais and Velosters have had the same problem after a battery rundown: the computer needs to reset. And to do that: disconnect the battery, wait 15 minutes, reconnect.

Yep…it’s magic!

You’re welcome.