Today sucked.

1.  It was Sunday, and I was working.  Not a usual event. I have been able for the most part to have Sundays off….but we are short a couple docs so…..

2. All my orders seemed to be ignored.  Patient with worrisome neurological symptoms on whom I requested a STAT mri……oh, mri’s are not done on inpatients on the weekend.  Only ER patients are apparently important enough to call a tech in….Patient with out of control blood sugars on whom I ordered q 1 hour fingersticks?  Not ONE recorded in a 4 hour period.  Patient with sudden shoulder pain following a fall….stat shoulder xray ordered and 8 hours later, it still has not been read by the radiologist….

3. Got dressed at o’darkthirty this am, and fortunately noticed before leaving for work that my sweater was on inside out.  Unfortunately I did not notice that my pull-on capri yoga pants were also on backwards until I took them off after arriving back home this evening.

During the day I could only think about how …..SLLLLLOOOOOOWWWW the time was passing.  Until I walked under one of the overhead clocks and was surprised to see it register 2 o’clock.  “Hmmm, I could have sworn it was only about 10!”  I passed the same clock a few minutes later and it now showed 2:45. HUH? So I “watched the clock” a bit more:

20141026 090644 from c h on Vimeo.


On the brighter side, a traveling nurse asked one of the other doctors  “who is Dr. H….is she the tiny one with the medium length brown hair?”……and he answered “yep!”  Wowser.