It was meant to be….

My teeth are crumbling. I have numerous broken fillings, at least one large cracked molar and lots of rough edges that my tongue rubs against and which cause constant discomfort. As an independent contractor, I have no “corporate benefits.” Dental insurance is way low on the list of priorities. AARP offers Delta Dental, but the monthly benefit of $90 only pays for a total of $1000 of benefits per year. NOT a reasonable return on investment. Today I “bit the bullet” (pun intended) and made an appointment with a dentist. I walked into the office, expecting to set a date sometime in the next 8 weeks….and walked out with an appointment for tomorrow morning!

Years ago I opened a medical savings account, and we have a fair sum invested in it. Having been blessed with really good health, we really haven’t needed to use it. I remember the MSA company sending me debit cards (at least 2 years ago), which got filed….somewhere… and never activated, and then lost to memory. Any other means of accessing the MSA funds is VERY cumbersome.

This week, while hurricane Ana threatened, and covered the island with torrents of rain, DH occupied himself by cleaning out drawers.

He threw away hundreds of old business cards. The birthday balloons in the drawer were rotted and a soft “blow”…..blew them to shreds. Sewing pins and needles were rusty….and got tossed.

In the bottom of one of the drawers….were the MSA debit cards. Still valid and not yet activated. Today, after making the dental appointment, I came home and activated the cards.

Instant “insurance” of sorts. My mouth is (or soon will be….) happy.