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Pi$$ed Puffer

I took this video of a puffer….about a foot long…. PICT0092 from c h on Vimeo. ….and then turned my camera to try to film the (very well camoflaged) scorpionfish here….but the puffer was either enamored….or more likely PO’d at my intrusion, and came back to push my camera out of his territory! This is the first time a fish has ever interacted with me…they usually just ignore me or try to get far away. Continue reading


I was actually filming a passing filefish when this octopus scurried underneath us and hid in this corner.  By the time I set the camera to video, s/he had backed into the corner and wasn’t moving much….but watch closely as s/he morphs to match the surrounding rocks…..   PICT0069 from c h on Vimeo.

Speckled Filefish

Longnose Butterfly Fish

What a crab!

Choir buddy Erin went snorkeling with us last week, and she found this recently….um…emptied….crab shell: The crab is (was) a 7-11 crab, so named for for the 7 upper and 4 underside dots. Hawaiian mythology says the dots were left in place when Kanaloa the sea-god handled the crab and left his fingerprints. (or, an alternate story: he picked up the crab who snapped the god with his pincer, causing the god to bleed and Continue reading


Today sucked. 1.  It was Sunday, and I was working.  Not a usual event. I have been able for the most part to have Sundays off….but we are short a couple docs so….. 2. All my orders seemed to be ignored.  Patient with worrisome neurological symptoms on whom I requested a STAT mri……oh, mri’s are not done on inpatients on the weekend.  Only ER patients are apparently important enough to call a tech in….Patient with Continue reading

Juvenile Rockmover Wrasse

PICT0020 from c h on Vimeo.

It was meant to be….

My teeth are crumbling. I have numerous broken fillings, at least one large cracked molar and lots of rough edges that my tongue rubs against and which cause constant discomfort. As an independent contractor, I have no “corporate benefits.” Dental insurance is way low on the list of priorities. AARP offers Delta Dental, but the monthly benefit of $90 only pays for a total of $1000 of benefits per year. NOT a reasonable return on Continue reading

Saddle Wrasse

Moorish Idol

Feed me, Seymore!

Don’t know what it is, but I wasn’t going to stick my finger in that maw to find out!

Juvenile Christmas Wrasse