Help Puna

Ok, so Puna is “affordable” Hawaii. IOW, it is where a LOT of people live. There is one road in (and out). And it was devastated by Tropical Storm Iselle. Today, August 12, 5 days after the storm, nearly 10,000 people are still without electricity. And water. And phone service (land or cell).
And the news outlets…..are pretty much ignoring the whole situation. God forbid that anything might impact the tourist trade, you know. Our governor (who was just defeated by a landslide in his re-election bid……) has not yet declared a disaster, meaning that FEMA cannot come in to help.
There is a great need for water, ice, personal supplies, batteries….and even towels for the people who can get to the community pool which is offering free showers and cell-phone recharging.
I know most of you cannot send water, ice or toothpaste.
Please consider a donation: