DH: Mythbuster

We stopped at Onomea Bay on our way home from Hilo today. The site of Hawaii Botanical Garden, it also has public beach access…..not that anyone uses the rough, rocky beach….
But we walked to the shore and took some “touristy” pictures.

The twin rocks in the bay have a legend. On a plaque in the garden is the following:

The Legend of Twin Rocks

The village of Kahali’i was located on this large point of land which extends into Onomea Bay. Though the village is gone, the descendants of Kahali’i still remember some of the legends concerning the area’s landmarks. One story tells of the origin of two rock formations at the head of Onomea Bay that are said to be a young man and woman, known as the lovers of Kahali’i.

Legend has it that one day, a chief of the village spotted many canoes with sails heading shoreward in their direction. Fearing an attack, the chiefs and village elders held a council to determine a course of action. They decided to build a reef to prevent a landing on their beaches. Not having the means to complete the task quickly enough, they asked for two young lovers to be the guides and protectors of the village by giving their lives. Two willing individuals were found.

That night a decree was sent to all who lived at Kahali’i to remain indoors from sunset to sunrise without making any light or sound, on penalty of death. In the light of the new day, everyone went down to the shoreline where they were amazed to find the lovers gone, and in their place two gigantic rock formations at the entrance of the Bay, attached to each other, as if on guard.

The chief informed the people that no canoe could now pass the treacherous currents swirling around the rocks unless allowed to do so by the guardians. The lovers and their offspring still stand today, sentinels at the head of the Bay.

Being the wise guy that he is, DH singlehandedly tried to destroy the legend by pushing the rocks down into the ocean floor…..
My husband. The mythbuster…..