In a casual conversation at a church potluck, Michael and I discovered we are both geezer-runners (old, and slow).  That was back in February, prior to the start of the 2014 running season,  and we jokingly challenged each other to be the pacesetter for the upcoming races.  We had both signed up for the Hilo 1/2 marathon in March,  and he and his wife and DH and I shared a table at the pre-run carbo load dinner.  The next day I beat him 10 minutes.

In June we both did the Kona 1/2:  it was brutally hot, and though we both finished, it wasn’t pretty, and we REALLY felt our geezerness. But, I beat him by 10 minutes.

Yesterday we finished the third race of the Triple Crown series, the Rain Forest Run in Volcano Village.  At 4000 feet elevation, the weather was cool, there was misty rain and a light breeze.  Perfect running weather.  Though we exchanged the lead a couple times during the race, I beat him……by 10 minutes.

Here we are with all our bling:  medals from each of the Triple Crown Races and one for finishing all three.

I think I’ll quit doing 1/2 marathons while I’m ahead….by 10 minutes!


um…except for that Las Vegas 1/2 that I’m doing in November.

Oh, and that Ka’u one in October…..

Oh, and…….

****UPDATE**** Official race results are in…..and I only beat him by 5 minutes.  Damn!