When nightmares come true….

For forty-five years (give or take) I have played the organ in church. I am NOT a musician. I am a self-taught chord banger, but I can “fake” my way through a liturgical service. So when Rick asks me to cover him for one Sunday every now and then, I always say yes. He provides me with copies of the hymns and liturgy parts and he always “chords” them for me, as I don’t read a bass clef well (er…at all!).

And then I start to worry about it. And have nightmares about any upcoming services I need to play for.

He wanted to visit his mom, so I agreed to cover him today. Last night the dream was that I got to church and the bulletin had been printed with all the wrong songs.

I arrived at church early today, so I could practice on the pipe organ (a COMPLETELY different animal than my old Hammond portable!), picked up a bulletin….

…..and the nightmare had come true. ALL of the hymns which were printed there, were NOT the ones I had practiced. Only the melody lines are printed in the bulletin, and our hymnals also only have a melody line. Rick had the accompanist book with him, so I couldn’t even try to quickly chord the bass line on the hymns in the bulletin. Panicking, and almost in tears, I ran to Father Moki and explained the problem. “No worries,” he said. “Well just sing the songs you practiced out of the hymnbook. I’ll announce them as we come to them!”

So he did, and we did…..and now it’s over. ‘Till Rick asks again!