When it rains….

…it pours.  Or so they say.

Here in Hawaii, we have two seasons.  Wet. Dry.  Usually wet is from November till March and dry is the rest. But a hurricane is passing by us, and we are reaping the rewards…such as they are.  In July, usually a pretty dry spell, we are being inundated with a rain from a stationary storm system…..we had 5 inches in less than an hour, causing our normally-dry-at-this-time-of-year gulch stream to be a navigable river!

Today, we noted that the old Honda generator was making funny “klink” (those in the know will smirk….) noises.  It was not producing power…..this is NOT a good thing for those of us who live off-grid.  No generator backup means no power if the sun is not shining.

So, off DH went to HD to  buy a new generator to replace the old one that we inherited with the house.

One hour.  Two hours.  Three hours…..and as I tried to watch Ninja Warrior (…but mostly failed  due to the heavy rain interfering with satellite service….) a PSA came on…”Flood warning for Papaikou….Pepeekeo….Honomu….Hakalau…..DO NOT CROSS FLOODED ROADS: TURN AROUND>>DON’T DROWN!……all those little towns were the ones DH had to drive thru in order to return home from HD.

Four hours after he left, I finally saw his headlights flash on the power shed and I ran out….with umbrella….to help him unload. A Keystone Cop scenario ensued as I tried to keep him (and me) dry while he wrestled the 300lb beast off the trailer and into the shed…..where he noted that the old power cord is three prong.  The new outlet requires 4.

We elected to just turn off all the electric-sucking things we could, and NOT drive back to town thru the deluge. After all, tomorrow IS another day….