It was the best of times……

….it was the worst of times.

Today at the beach, that is.  We’ve been recently rained on by the remnants of Wali, a passing tropical storm. So, when planning a trip to the west side beaches today, we went with a bit of trepidation, worrying that the weather and water would still be “iffy.”

It wasn’t. It was perfect. Sunny, warm, the water was flat and cool (not cold).  Taking my trusty Intova HD Sport camera with me,  I saw a zebra eel, a species I had not yet seen.  I filmed him (her…).

I saw a hawkfish…..had seen them lurking under coral before, but had never seen one out in the open.  I took both stills and video.

I saw a big eyed squirrelfish.  I snapped him.

A baby turtle swam right up to me.

RIMPAC is doing exercises here in Hawaii, and I got a shot of 2 military choppers doing a rendezvous with a battleship offshore (duh…well they weren’t ON shore!)

The pictures were amazing.  I’m sure they were. But, I’ll never know….because when I got home and went to take out the SD card to transfer to my computer……there WAS NO sd card……it was still in the disk drive on the computer.

I guess they were the ones that got away…..