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Is that a chicken joke!!???

A city fellow had just moved out to the country and decided that he needed some animals, so he decided to walk up and down his road to see what his neighbors had. The first farm he came across had a bunch of chickens running in the yard. “Say farmer” the man yells, “Would you be willing to sell me one of your chickens?” The farmer replies, “Sure, but around here we don’t call ’em Continue reading

An elegant chicken waterer

DH created this very nice system for watering the chickens: Hose runs from faucet to bottom of chicken coop, and then into a 50 gallon cistern from Home Depot. He attached a pvc pipe with 5 watering nipples (found on Amazon), and then ran a second pipe through the floor of the coop, attached to a second pvc pipe outside with 4 more nipples. A toilet float inside the cistern allows it to automatically fill. Continue reading