I’ll buy an Oh…..


Yesterday I traveled ALL the way across the Island to audition (based on my astounding video-selfie-application) for Wheel of Fortune.  They will be taping here in September, so held live auditions yesterday.

I and about 100 other people gathered in a room and played a video version:  each person was called and given a chance at the puzzle board.

Yes, it really IS different when you are staring at a board of letters, fearing the buzzer if you don’t reply fast enough, and managing to keep a smile on your face and clapping your hands enthusiastically….even when hitting a bankrupt or lose a turn: both of which happened to me.

The initial rounds were with the whole group, those who were able to solve a puzzle (after I did all the work of filling it in before hitting bankrupt!) won Wheel of Fortune t-shirts, shopping bags and autographed Vanna White pictures.

After two rounds of puzzle board, we took a written test.  About 25 partially filled in phrases, Before and Afters, Rhyme times, and Things had to be completed in 5 minutes.   At first I was er….puzzled….then brain kicked in and I was able to fill in all but eight or so.

Break for water and “grading the tests….” then the cut:  “If we call your name, please remain…otherwise, thank you for playing.”  I was called.

Round two was another shot at the puzzle board, but this time playing with 5 others at the front of the room with simulated spinning of the wheel, LOUD calling of letters, “buying vowels” and hoping (in vain) not to hit the bad wedges, again while keeping a smile pasted on and clapping your hands till they hurt.

So, I didn’t win any prizes …no Vanna White autographed pic for me 🙁  ….. but I had a great lunch at Waikoloa Hilton overlooking the Dolphin lagoon, a chance to exercise my brain, enough smiling to cause a cheek cramp, and enough clapping to bruise my palms. But, I’m still in the final “cut”, and hope to get the “come on down” email in July.

All in all, a great day….and who knows, you may yet see me on TV saying “I’d like to buy an  “O!”