I nevah know!

…or so we say here in Hawaii. My debit card stopped working in the card reader a couple weeks ago. No worries, said the clerk. She entered the number manually, it was approved and off I went. But it did it at the next two stores, and finally a clerk suggested that it had become demagnified. I ordered a new card, which has not yet arrived.

In the meantime, I used an alternate card. Yesterday I tried to rent a movie. My card, the alternate, wouldn’t scan. Today I tried to buy a book….same problem. Oh, said the clerk, your card is probably demagnetized! Two cards in two weeks? What are the odds of that?

Well, seems my fancy new purse, which closes with a very stong magnet is the culprit. It went to the recycle pile today….after I bought a new unmagnetized purse at Wallyworld.

Now I know.