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Dolphins at Waikoloa Hilton

While waiting for my Wheel of Fortune audtion, DH and I had lunch overlooking the Dolphin Lagoon: dolphins from c h on Vimeo.

David goes Steveman style with his new Fedora

I’ll buy an Oh…..

….my! Yesterday I traveled ALL the way across the Island to audition (based on my astounding video-selfie-application) for Wheel of Fortune.  They will be taping here in September, so held live auditions yesterday. I and about 100 other people gathered in a room and played a video version:  each person was called and given a chance at the puzzle board. Yes, it really IS different when you are staring at a board of letters, fearing Continue reading

Major Fail

It ain’t often that we are blessed with clear night skies here in Hawaii. So we were feeling very optimistic when “experts” predicted a major meteor event. The Camelopardalid shower was expected to dazzle us with between one and four hundred meteors per hour.  With peak viewing times expected to be between 8 and 9:30 pm, we figured that even we could stay up that late! With high hopes we wandered out into the yard Continue reading

Di and the Volcano

It’s always fun to have mainland visitors: I usually take some time off and visit all the beaches, museums and parks that we just don’t get around to visiting during the rest of the year. And restaurants!  For years we have driven past the Magic Pan Crepe place in downtown Hilo.  Always saying….”we ought to try that place out!”  So yesterday, after we visited Rainbow Falls, then Boiling Pots, then Kaumana Caves, we did. Our Continue reading

Red Sailfin Blenney

I nevah know!

…or so we say here in Hawaii. My debit card stopped working in the card reader a couple weeks ago. No worries, said the clerk. She entered the number manually, it was approved and off I went. But it did it at the next two stores, and finally a clerk suggested that it had become demagnified. I ordered a new card, which has not yet arrived. In the meantime, I used an alternate card. Yesterday I Continue reading