It was nice….but then again….it wasn’t….and then again…

We went to Mauna Kea Resort beach yesterday. It is one of our favorites because I can snorkel out over the coral reef and see lots of great stuff, and DH who is more comfortable in shallow, calm water, feels safe there.

This winter has seen large swells hitting the west side of the island, with waves up to 20 feet. The surf report said waves of 0-1 foot expected yesterday, so off we went.

It was shocking to see how much beach has eroded due to the wave action. At least a 3foot depth of sand was gone as measured by the level of sand still left at the back of the beach.

Where did the sand go? Into the ocean! The water, which had a nice gradual slope of sandy bottom, now was no more than 1 foot deep for at least 200 yards out into the sea, and the rock formation that I like to snorkel around, and where many fish lurk, was now too shallow to snorkel in! The rock formation itself had lost at least 50% of its structure, and based on all the new rock formations now seen on the beach, seem to have been thrown ashore.

On the other hand, we watched loads of whales spout and breach about 1/2 mile offshore, the sun was bright and warm, the shoulder that I had badly hurt back in December when Akamai the wonder dog tripped me felt strong enough for me to swim freestyle across the bay and back (1/2 mile) and it was pleasant to just sit and people (and whale) watch.