Before the end….

We decided to go up to Volcano National Park yesterday.  We realized that it might be the last time we can go for awhile, since congress has decided that trying to defund a law that they had, by majority vote, passed three years ago and which has since been  upheld by the Supreme Court is more important than funding the government for money they have already spent.

(ok….rant over)

We had a lovely day. We hiked (even DH with his bum hip) out to see the petroglyphs down on the lava plains near the ocean.  We had never taken the time before:

Then we went down to the seaside, watched the waves pound under the sea arch:

sea arch from c on Vimeo.

..and posed for pictures: (thanks, Steve!)

As we drove back up the hill toward Volcano Village, we noted some steam vents coming out of the hills to our right. Quite near the road.  In areas where we had never seen them before.  We sped up a bit…..

We took a break and had an early dinner at Kilauea Lodge (where the deer and the antelope…and sometimes bison/elk/duck and other unique meats play….on the menu), and then went back to the park after dark to see the glow from Halemaumau crater.  Apparently most of the tourists and many of the residents of Big Island had the same idea we did to see the park before it shut down, because the entire parking lot and much of the abutting road was filled to capacity (and more) with cars.

The overlook at Jagger Museum was shoulder to shoulder with people. As always it was a thrill to see the fiery glow from the the caldera below us: