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My gecko guide

This cute little guy seemed to be questioning my driving skills……..appropriately I guess, since I was driving and taking his picture at the same time!    

Ready, set…..

GO!   Today I ran a 5k up in Honoka’a.  I came in 18th of 59 total, 8th of all women…… and though I didn’t come in first in my age division this time….I was second. But this time I was 2 of 9 rather than 1 of 2, and I cut 5 minutes off my previous pace.   Now stop! Woot!  

Oh, the thrill of victory and the agony….

….of da feet! I have been working very hard to increase my jogging distances and running endurance. DS, his brother-in-law and I are hoping to run the Las Vegas Rock’n’roll 1/2 marathon in 2014. My current goal is to finish a 10k.  So far I have managed to run 5.82 miles (not quite 10k).  This morning I got up, ate an egg and some toast, thinking it would “fuel” me…and avoiding coffee due to its Continue reading

Before the end….

We decided to go up to Volcano National Park yesterday.  We realized that it might be the last time we can go for awhile, since congress has decided that trying to defund a law that they had, by majority vote, passed three years ago and which has since been  upheld by the Supreme Court is more important than funding the government for money they have already spent. (ok….rant over) We had a lovely day. We Continue reading