Akamai meets the ocean

Well, I was feeling kind of bummed today.  I’ve had five days off, and wanted to spend at least one of them at the beach, but DH hurt his back and can barely walk, let alone swim.

Today was the last of my days off and I was moping (yeah, I’m a selfish biotch…., worrying more about my lack of beach time than about his hurting back…..) so he asked if I wanted to pack up the dogs and go to Hakalau bay. It is only 5 minutes from us, is pet friendly and deserted during the week.  The water is usually too rough for our comfort, but today it was calm and smooth.

The last time we went there, Akamai the wonder dog was still a puppy, and the sound and movement of the waves scared him.  Today, now a big boy, he decided that if Mom could go into that scary water, he could too!