September 2013 Archives

Game on, Steve…….

So I asked DS if he would be interested in training to run the Las Vegas Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon in November 2014. He agreed, and his brother-in-law also has joined the challenge. I have been running since December, slowly increasing my times and distances, but had never had the moxie to actually run in an organized race. Well, today I did, running in the Hilo Bay 5k! I went. I ran. I won. Continue reading

Akamai meets the ocean

Well, I was feeling kind of bummed today.  I’ve had five days off, and wanted to spend at least one of them at the beach, but DH hurt his back and can barely walk, let alone swim. Today was the last of my days off and I was moping (yeah, I’m a selfish biotch…., worrying more about my lack of beach time than about his hurting back…..) so he asked if I wanted to pack Continue reading