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Sea Urchin


Saddle Butterflyfish

Ambon Toby

Follow the Leader….

A Moorish Idol leads the parade, followed by Orange Spined Unicornfish and then a big ole’ Chub  

Pearl Wrasse

Blue-suited Thinner-bodied Babefish

Saddle Wrasse

Lagoon Triggerfish and Parrotfish

The Lagoon Triggerfish (at the bottom) is looking up to the Parrotfish (at the top….)  

Snowflake Eel

Go Me!!

Ok, this is an outright brag. A little over one year ago the thought of running made me hyperventilate. In fact, when walking up the hill from the post office to home I would have to lie down on the side of the road and wait for the dizzyness, fast heart rate and nausea to pass…. Fourteen months later I love to run…. …..and this week I have run 23+ miles. I use an app Continue reading