Out, Out Damned……


Today I took a bowl, filled it with water and then added some salt. I went to the garden and cut some leaves off the Ti plants.  I bound those leaves together, then took the bowl into our bedroom.  Opening all the closet doors, the drawers and finally the screen door leading outside, I dipped the ti leaves in the water, sprinkled it in each corner of the room, and yelled “Get the HELL out of my house!  You are NOT welcome here!”
I then did the same thing in all the other rooms of the house.
Ok, it was a bit extreme, but it has been a scary, haunted week.
It started Monday night.  At 2am, Akamai the wonder dog bolted out from his refuge/resting place under the bed and whined loudly to go outside where he ran full speed down to the bottom of the property and barked. And barked. And barked…with increasing volume and vehemence. His noise incited Ewalani the  puppy to join in the cacophony.  This was not the sound of happy dogs chasing a cat or mongoose.  This was the sound of guard dogs warning of grave danger.  When I finally was able to catch Akamai by the collar he was trembling and shivering, hair on end.  He was a very unhappy dog.
Why?  We never saw or heard anything.
On Tuesday DH decided to cut the grass. A ladder had fallen near one of the banana trees and as he went to pick it up, it slipped and its hinge managed to land on DH’s great toe, lacerating it deeply on both sides.  He bled profusely, and had near syncope when he tried to clean and bandage it. He was able to get a neighbor to take him to the clinic where xrays were done, the wound was dressed and tetanus shot given.
On Wednesday, DH limped to the the kitchen table and set down his antibiotic pill and his pain pill so they would be ready for him to take with his breakfast.  But, having made his eggs and toast and coming back to sit at the table, the pills were gone, and a fresh “wet nose” print was on the glass near the site.
It appears that Ewalani had taken the two pills, one of which is a narcotic/tylenol combination.  DH called me for advice. I called the vet for advice.  Oh…..Wednesday is the vet’s day off and the office is closed. Online I found advice to induce vomiting with hydrogen peroxide and then close monitoring.
DH managed to get some H2O2 into her, made her vomit and then he turned away to call the emergency vet.  When he looked at her again she was….eating what she had just vomited! However, this time she was NOT going to cooperate with him by taking any more H2O2. So….we monitored her all day.
Enough! Apparently we had some bad juju move in, so today I did the Pi Kai ceremony to rid our place of what or whoever has invaded it.