Ok, I am officially skeeved….

Today DH took me to the beach to celebrate our 37th anniversary tomorrow. We went to Mauna Kea beach first, and I had a great time seeing my first scorpion fish:

Then we went to lunch at Tommy Bahama’s Cafe. Meh…
After lunch, off to 69 Beach to try out his new snorkel and fins bought at Snorkel Bob’s after lunch.
At 69 beach I saw a good sized white mouth moray eel moving in and out of the coral. I tried to take pics, but he kept himself camouflaged. Moving on, I rounded a mound of coral and saw a head protrude.
It was a large head.
It was a foot in diameter.
Then the rest of the body protruded.
It was 8 feet long.
I (dearly) wanted to turn tail and run (er…swim…) away fast.
I didn’t.
He (?she) was the biggest damned eel I have ever seen: