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The Birds!

One of the things I love most about living in Hawaii is waking in the morning.  Birds start calling at about 5:30am.  The dove call (whoo-WHOOO) is a comforting homey sound, the cardinals sing beautifully and even the mynah’s cackles make me happy. In this video I am standing at the edge of the gulch abutting our lot on my left, and I am facing the ocean:

Out, Out Damned……

…whatever! Today I took a bowl, filled it with water and then added some salt. I went to the garden and cut some leaves off the Ti plants.  I bound those leaves together, then took the bowl into our bedroom.  Opening all the closet doors, the drawers and finally the screen door leading outside, I dipped the ti leaves in the water, sprinkled it in each corner of the room, and yelled “Get the HELL Continue reading

NSV #3 (…..or thereabouts)

I opened the door to the stairway, startling the woman on the other side of the door as she reached for the handle.  A second woman was just reaching the top of the stairway coming from the floor below.  Woman #1 looked at Woman #2 (stair-climber) and said “Good for you, climbing the stairs!” “Yeah I’m trying to climb them more often,” said woman #2,  “because I want to look like her!” (as she pointed Continue reading

White Mouth Moray Eel

…this guy was 7-8 feet long:

DH + CH = 37

Me…and my shadow!

I am VERY proud of this photo: A small turtle swam over the sandy bottom.  I caught not only his shadow, but his apparent attempt to swim to the moon! (I confess….I have NO idea what the round moon-like thing is….?bubble on my lens? Reflection of sun penetrating the water?  Whatever it is….it made a really nice composition!) Serendipity!

Ok, I am officially skeeved….

Today DH took me to the beach to celebrate our 37th anniversary tomorrow. We went to Mauna Kea beach first, and I had a great time seeing my first scorpion fish: Then we went to lunch at Tommy Bahama’s Cafe. Meh… After lunch, off to 69 Beach to try out his new snorkel and fins bought at Snorkel Bob’s after lunch. At 69 beach I saw a good sized white mouth moray eel moving in Continue reading