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Squashed Preconceptions

I admit that I am not an adventurous eater. I am not averse to trying new things, however.  I AM influenced by my prior food experiences, and so I guess I never tried spaghetti squash due to my fear of another “acorn” debacle. I was wrong.  The forums at myfitnesspal.com are rife with praises of this veggie’s wonderfulness. Thus, I was brave when I found one in the grocery store yesterday, and today I cooked Continue reading

Chicken Skin

Many years ago, long before I even dreamed of attending medical school, I heard an NPR news story about Dr. Benjamin Carson. He pioneered the hemispherectomy:  brain surgery on children which, in order to stop persistent seizures, involved removing half of their brains.  Now, most mothers have accused their children of only having half a brain, but I can’t imagine being the one to whom the doctor says “I can help stop your child’s seizures, Continue reading

You Should Be Dancin’! Yeah!

At Richardson beach yesterday, I saw this honu.  The sun playing on the surface of the water, and the way he moved reminded me of a 1970’s disco playing the BeeGee’s  song You Should Be Dancing!

I know…..

…that the label is probably wrong. …that it’s vanity sizing. …that because it’s jersey it stretches, and because I found it on the clearance 99cent rack at Goodwill, it probably ALREADY was stretched out. …that I wouldn’t even think of wearing it without my Spanx camisole. I don’t care. It’s a size 8. EIGHT!!!!!


I pass this every day as I walk across the scary bridge to my parking area…..but yesterday I actually looked at it. “It” is growing on the side of a kukui (candlenut) tree, consists of layers of paper-like leaves, a “paintbrush” orange appendage, a still-furled fern and feathery green….stuff. I have no idea what it is….probably a  conglomeration of parasitic organisms.  Whatever….it’s very cool.

My first….

….octopus on the move.  At Mauna Kea beach today, I saw something out of the corner of my eye swimming off in another direction. When I turned to see it, it was gone, but the top of a piece of coral seemed to be breathing…..   coolness!