Yum….or yuck

Flat, warm diet 7=up. YUM!
Lukewarm ground up risotto. YUM!

Just about anything else? Yuck.

It was all lies: all those truisms about “you can eat all the ice cream you want” after tonsillectomy. The problem is, you DON’T want to eat any. What no one mentioned in any discussion of the procedure, is that you lose all sense of taste. For some people, it can last months. For others, just a week or so. Ice cream tastes like cold chalk.

Jello has no taste. Nor do bananas, strawberries or peaches (ground up into a smoothie). In fact, my “sweet” buds are totally nonfunctional. I can taste the salty risotto….only when it has additional salt added. But, since I still have massive cauterization scars and throat swelling, only soft, mushy foods will do.

I look forward to saying this was all worth it.
Right now……it’s too early to say.