A Retroactive Apology

Dear Amy,

I was wrong.

When you had your tonsils out at age (?)25, I thought you were a wimp.  I thought you were playing up the pain to the hilt in order to gain attention and sympathy. I thought your inability to eat anything but soup and broth—and even then with obvious discomfort— was a bit over the top.

I done ya wrong.

A tonsillectomy as an adult is painful. Frustrating because you’re hungry, but even the act of opening your mouth causes pain. Did I mention painful?  One week later I am still struggling to get 800 calories a day into me, anything too hot or too cold exacerbates the pain…..and the pain medicine tastes vile.

And so, Amy, this is my public Mea Culpa. You were right…..this sucks!