No Drama

This morning Father Moki asked (as is usual in our congregation) if there were any special prayer or thanksgiving requests.  I made my way to the front of the church, dropped my dollar into the offering box and asked for the congregation’s prayers for healing and safety as I am having surgery this week. A tonsillectomy. At the age of 60.  phhhttt.

Father Moki then ran back to the sacristy, brought forth a chair and a bottle of anointing oil, and asked the congregation to gather around me, and anoint me with the oil that was passed around to everyone. When Marcia placed her hands on me she whispered in my ear “no drama!”  It was referencing a joke we had shared months earlier when I told her that as a doctor I don’t crack chests or sew bleeding things up.  “I don’t do drama!”  I said.

What a wonderful thought to take with me as I undergo, what in children is an easy, straightforward procedure, but in adults can be a much more serious operation. No drama. Just an easy, outpatient snip, then home to bask in DH’s support, and a refrigerator full of ice cream.

Thank everyone at Holy Apostle’s, Christ Lutheran, and Faith Lutheran who have added me to their prayer lists.

I look forward to sucking up ice cream, slurping vicodin syrup, and…….no drama.