April in Paris

And Monte Carlo

And Venice

…all of course on one Strip of road….

I attended a conference last week at the Venetian.  Lovely place. Lovely art. Lovely architecture. Nice big suites as standard rooms. But…..

On the first day of my conference I dutifully trekked to the meetings area, checked the board for the room location…..and found nothing. No such meeting was listed.  It was 6:45 am, the concierge desk was closed, the only person available to help looked on her list of scheduled meetings for the day and found…..nothing. I had traveled 3k miles, scheduled time off and spent beau coup bucks….only to find no conference.   I took myself to the cafe (where I later would get no coffee….), paid for breakfast (which was supposed to be provided at the meeting), and waited till the concierge desk opened at 7am. After digging deep into his computer’s basement memory, the concierge finally found the meeting and guided me to it. The registrars at the meeting told the same tale…..apparently they were never put on the schedule….and their arrival was a surprise to the conference center managers.

The (what appeared to be) fecal material smeared on the wall of the toilet room….stayed there the whole week. DH finally washed it off on the night before we left.

During my meeting, I managed to spill coffee on my shirt. I went to my room, washed if off, and then looked for the hair dryer to dry the shirt.  “Do your suites have hairdryers?ExpandAll suites at The Venetian are equipped with a hairdryer. It can be found in the bathroom vanity desk drawer.”  There was no hair dryer……

I know that lone female diners are considered anathema to restaurant owners.  They (we) have the reputation of being poor tippers. I wonder if it ever occurred to them that we are poor tippers because we are treated as anathema. DH had left a day before me to go see his mom in Arizona. I took myself to dinner at one of the restaurants in Shoppes at Venetian. I was offered no water (every other table was automatically given water).  I was offered no refill on wine. No offer of dessert. No offer of post dinner coffee. Just had the check dumped on my table and my plate (not quite finished) swept away. I’m afraid I lived up to the stereotype of the lousy single-woman tipper.

Supposedly included in our room package was a free cup of coffee at the cafe.  My card-key holder had instructions which said to present my room key at the cafe in order to receive it. At 6am the day we left, as we were on our way out the door to the shuttle, we were informed that we needed to have been given coupons for that. We hadn’t, and got no free coffee.

Sorry, but I think I expected more out of a 5 star resort….

Other than that, we had a great week in April. In Paris, Monte Carlo and Venice.