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NSV (non-scale victory)

I had to buy new running shoes: …because I was running so much that I actually blew flats in my old Eccos”

No Drama

This morning Father Moki asked (as is usual in our congregation) if there were any special prayer or thanksgiving requests.  I made my way to the front of the church, dropped my dollar into the offering box and asked for the congregation’s prayers for healing and safety as I am having surgery this week. A tonsillectomy. At the age of 60.  phhhttt. Father Moki then ran back to the sacristy, brought forth a chair and Continue reading

April in Paris

And Monte Carlo And Venice …all of course on one Strip of road…. I attended a conference last week at the Venetian.  Lovely place. Lovely art. Lovely architecture. Nice big suites as standard rooms. But….. On the first day of my conference I dutifully trekked to the meetings area, checked the board for the room location…..and found nothing. No such meeting was listed.  It was 6:45 am, the concierge desk was closed, the only person Continue reading

A Fish Called Wanda

It always starts out easily enough. I’ll say “You know, it would be nice if….” ….and then he takes it from there. “A deck,” I say….a deck he builds. “A bigger bathtub,” I muse….he remodels the bathroom. “A closet for my bedroom” I opine…..and double wide closets are installed. This time, it was “Perhaps we need to think about a aquaponics garden.” Aquaponics is the system of using fish ponds to fertilize plants which are Continue reading

Papaya joy

We have learned to love Green Papaya Salad. We have adapted shredded green papaya to make coleslaw. Today at church, the “lunch providers” brought a soup/stew based on chicken broth, chicken and with chopped papaya chunks in it. “Hrmmmmm,” I says to myself. “Kinda squash-like. I likey!” So tonight I took some green papaya, sauteed it with green pepper, onion, garlic, cherry tomato , a squirt of fresh lemon juice and spices, then finished it Continue reading