Psalm 46….revised

Akamai the wonder dog had a traumatic day today. His long Border Collie/Australian Shepherd hair is a magnet for every weed/burr/tangle. His haunches were a mass of mats. His ears were a terror of tangles.
Akamai is good boy…but he does NOT like to be brushed. He will NOT let me cut out the mats(he clamps down on my wrist with his teeth….not biting but making sure I know that such an action is not acceptable….)

So, today he went to the groomer. It was his first visit. It took 5 hours. He was stressed. The groomer was stressed. I was stressed. He came home and went immediately to the bedroom. He crawled under the bed…where he goes when he wants to be alone. Only his tail and feet peeked out from under the bedspread. And I thought of Psalm 46… God forgive my paraphrase…..

Under the bed is my refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. Therefore I shall not fear, though the hair be shaved and though the toenails be clipped to edge of my feet.
Though the waters rush and the shampoo foam at my earlobes.
There is a bedskirt, whose folds make glad the heart of this dog.
I am underneath the bed, I shall not be moved, the bed shall hide me right easily.
The other dogs raged, the groomer held me down, he clipped and my mats melted.
The bed and its covers now hide me, the bedskirt and its covers are my refuge.
Come behold the works of the groomer: what tangles he has removed from my tail. He makes weeds disappear from behind my ears, he shaves the haunches, he brushes the coat. He ties a new bandana round my neck.
I’ll be still, and lie quietly underneath the bed, I will rest from my trauma, I’ll recover from this day!
The bed and its covers now hide me, the bedskirt and its covers are my refuge.