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Holy Apostles Easter Vigil and Easter

We had a beautiful Easter Vigil yesterday:  our candles were used to light the votives seen here:  it was a moving display. While at church Saturday night, I noted all the lilies stored in the office.  On Sunday morning, I was surprised to see no lilies on the altar. It wasn’t until the service was over that I realized they were all encompassed into the pew-end decorations.  Duh!

David Dresses up….

Indian Paintbrush

For a minute I thought I was back in Nevada when I saw this growing along the side of Mauna Kea!

Me and Herbie

So. I’ve gone thru several underwater cameras……..they last for awhile, then get a leak, have electronic issues, mechanical problems.  I found this Intova Sport Pro HD Video Camera at Goodwill of all places, and tried it out at Kapoho Tidepools yesterday.  So here is me and Herbie the Honu (turtle for all you malahini…..)

Psalm 46….revised

Akamai the wonder dog had a traumatic day today. His long Border Collie/Australian Shepherd hair is a magnet for every weed/burr/tangle. His haunches were a mass of mats. His ears were a terror of tangles. Akamai is good boy…but he does NOT like to be brushed. He will NOT let me cut out the mats(he clamps down on my wrist with his teeth….not biting but making sure I know that such an action is not Continue reading

Akaka Falls

DH and I hiked the falls trail last week. It had been raining quite a lot, and the falls were….um….falling…more voluminously than we had ever seen: