January 2013 Archives

He’s an Incredible Hulk…..and yet…..

He is 85lbs of muscle. A shepherd, it is his job to block you from where he doesn’t think you oughta be, and when he body checks you, you know you’ve been body checked.  In a game of tug-the-rope toy….he always wins. When I go on my 3+ mile runs, or my 5 mile walks, he goes with me.  He doesn’t lag, slow down or dawdle.  When we get home, and I am faint with Continue reading

A banner week….

A great start to the new year: New puppy: Dr. Castro says she’s about 12 weeks (not the 8 we thought), and likely a Jack Russell/Labrador mix. She is sleeping through the night and she and Akamai have become bosom buddies. First whale sighting:  yesterday there was a pod including a baby swimming along the coastline. The first we’ve seen them this year. First 5K:  As son Steve tells me, after the first 2 miles, Continue reading


Ewalani….Evy for short.  Ewalani:  Heavenly Woman in Hawaiian is a terrier mix of uncertain “ethnicity.”  She has already, at 8 weeks old, learned to sit, goes out to the grass to “go” and has become a bosom buddy to Akamai the hyper Border Collie. Today she went for her first walk with us.  She made it 1/3 of the way up the hill, then comfortably rode in my arms for the rest of the trip.  Continue reading