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Christmas Pictures….

Ewalani (Heavenly Woman)

at 7 weeks old.  Terrier and who knows what else….

I Did It!

Today I met a goal that I didn’t even know I wanted to meet 6 months ago. I ran a 5k: 3.1 miles. What a nice way to end the year:  57 pounds lighter and able to run 3.1 miles further! (In other words, I couldn’t run ANYWHERE at the beginning of the year!) Damn…my legs are sore!

Twin soliloquies

That of course is the title of a song from the play “South Pacific.”  I thought of the lyrics today a I watched Akamai and the new puppy play together.  He…the old man, and she…the young and lovely thing, hit it off immediately and have been exhibiting classic play posturing and smelling all the appropriate places. She…who is yet unnamed…..and he, who at two years old, and thus very much an adult,  is still very Continue reading

Even the “bad guys” need prayer….

This morning there were twenty-eight cards taped to the altar.  Each one, white with a green border, held the name of one of the victims of the Newtown tragedy.  Twenty children. Six teachers and staff.  And also the names of the gunman and his mother. Father Moki explained “I wasn’t sure if I should include the gunman, and then I realized that his soul is in more need of prayer than any of the others.” Continue reading

Those who do not learn from the past….

  ….are bound to repeat it. I have. Repeatedly. I was a fat baby: Me at about 11 years old: Yep, I was also a fat kid.  The fatter I got, the more food became a refuge and comfort for me. And I became fatter. At 15 my upward growth temporarily outpaced my outward growth, but by high school graduation I was just over 200lbs. I lost a lot for my wedding at age 23… Continue reading

Another sad day…

Ursula, the big brown dog, developed a Schiff-Sherrington lesion (um….probably because of the rough-housing of Akamai……) and couldn’t walk or eat. She joined her sister Buffy today. As we left the Vet’s office, we saw this cloud: …and we both saw it at the same time:  Ursula jumping up to heaven…… We’ll miss that good old girl….

Bah. Humbug.

The newspaper ran the ad: “A Christmas Carol,” presented Friday 12/14 at the East Hawaii Cultural Center. Well, I’m always up for a bit of Christmas, so DH and I took ourselves out to dinner at Chang Mai, a local Thai joint, and coincidentally just across the street from EHCC. Sated with food and drink, we wandered across the street….. … a completely dark building. Please note the picture on their website. A festively decorated, Continue reading

It’s a Christmas Tree, Charlie Brown!

I laughed out loud when I spotted this Norfolk pine in Kalakau Park, all dolled up for the holidays. It reminded me of the poor tree that Charlie Brown bought in A Charlie Brown Christmas.