no new blogs from chele …like forever… so…

The Other Side Of The Tunnel.

Well we all get so non-complacent that we all just muddle around looking for (***) something or some one to turn our switch on so we can be satisfied, enlightened or just amused. That was the case when today I asked Chele, Any new blogs ?? ” No”, she replied…and I said ” WHAT?…I have been checking forever to see a new blog” ..(***)  see above. THEN she said “Well go ahead and write one!” Wow, I thought, how selfish we all are just waiting to be entertained by somebody else who contributes their thoughts for us to gorge upon!

This is common with just about all that we do here on our planet Earth, watch, or use, or join, or listen, or partake, or taste, or feel, or buy, or etc. etc. etc. What others endeavor to provide us with.  This idea is reflected in an old saying… “57 Channels and NOTHING’S ON”  Well what do you expect? If we all just sit on our “mouses” just clicking life away waiting for what others can give us, THEN we get what we deserve, BUT more importantly, We deprive the world and ourselves of the genius we were blessed with, that keeps the world growing and  evolving!

Well prolific, I don’t know, but true, sad to say, yes. Let’s see if I get get up off my lazy “mouse” and start using my “key board”! Amen